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ISSUE 39 (2014)

Systematics and Zoogeography

3I.N. Toskina
Key to Mediterranean borer-beetles of the genus Lasioderma Stephens, 1835 (Coleoptera: Ptinidae: Xyletininae).

SUMMARY. A key is composed to 57 species and 1 subspecies of the genus Lasioderma (Coleoptera: Ptinidae: Xyletininae) distributed in the Mediterranean region. It is proved that Lasioderma bubalus phelipaearum Peyerimhoff, 1926 is Lasioderma phelipaearum Peyerimhoff, 1926, stat. n. The question of transfer of Lasioderma rhodiacum Toskina, 2013 to another genus Pseudolasioderma Logvinovskij, 1978 is considered.
26S.K. Korb
New data to the systematics and distribution of butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoformes) of the Middle Asia. Communication 2.

SUMMARY. New data to the systematics and distribution of the Middle Asiatic butterflies are presented: descriptions of 3 new subspecies (Koramius infernalis gundorovi, ssp. n. from Kara-Keche coil mine environs in Moldo-Too Mts. (northern slope), K. patricius beliki, ssp. n. from Dolon Pass in Baidulu Mts. and Hyponephele lycaon packaleni, ssp. n. from Suusamyr-Too Mts., Kekemeren river valley), confirmation of synonymy for 3 Athamanthia taxa (dilutior, churkini and zhdankoi), first record of Pieris krueperi devta (de Nicéville, [1884]) from Suusamyr-Too Mts. and new data about distribution of Alpherakya sartus (Alphéraky, 1881).
29S.K. Korb
New data to the systematics and nomenclature of satyrid genus Karanasa Moore, 1893 (Lepidoptera: Satyridae).

SUMMARY. Lectotypes of the following taxa are designated: Satyrus regeli var. kasakhstana O.Bang-Haas, 1936, Satyrus huebneri var. talastauana O.Bang-Haas, 1927, Satyrus pamirus Staudinger, 1887, Satyrus josephi Staudinger, 1882, Satyrus huebneri var. decolorata Staudinger, 1901, Satyrus huebneri var. dissoluta Staudinger, 1886. The status of taxon Satyrus regeli var. kasakhstana O.Bang-Haas, 1936, is established as subspecies of K. abramovi (Erschoff, 1874): K. abramovi kasakstana (O.Bang-Haas, 1936), stat. rev. It is shown that the valid lectotype designation of K. regeli (Alphéraky, 1881) was made by P.V.Bogdanov in 2011 but not by S.K.Korb in 2012. A new species, Karanasa inopinata Korb, sp. n., from Kirghiz Mts. is described. The status of taxon Satyrus huebneri var. dissoluta Staudinger, 1886 is considered to be a good species: Karanasa dissoluta (Staudinger, 1886), stat. n.

Ecology and Faunistics

35N.M. Paramonov, M.A. Klepikov
Annotated checklist of the Tipuloidea (Diptera) of the Yaroslavl Province.

SUMMARY. A first review of the fauna of the Tipuloidea (Diptera) of the Yaroslavl Province (Upper Volga region, European Russia), consisting of 57 species from 4 families (Cylindrotomidae, Limoniidae, Pediciidae и Tipulidae), is given. 3 families and 52 species are given for the first time for the Yaroslavl Province, 8 species are given for the first time for the Center of the European Russia. This report is based on the material which was collected between 1988 and 2013 and includes information from all prior published accounts of the Tipuloidea from the Yaroslavl Province.
39N.M. Paramonov
Revision of the Tipuloidea (Diptera) from the collection by E.А. Eversmann.

SUMMARY. A revision of the Eversmann's collection of tipuloid dipterans (Diptera: Limoniidae, Pediciidae, Tipulidae) was performed. 38 species were re-determined: Limoniidae — 14, Pediciidae — 1, Tipulidae — 23. Among them 23 species are listed for Tatarstan, 16 species for Orenburg province, 4 species for Volgograd province, 2 — for Germany. Erioptera (Mesocyphona) fossarum (Loew 1873) is recorded as new for the fauna of Russia.
42M.G. Krivosheina
To the fauna of Crimean shore-flies (Diptera: Ephydridae).

SUMMARY. 25 species of shore-flies are registered in the fauna of Crimea. Two species, Oedenops isis Becker, 1903 and Disclasiopa niveipennis Becker, 1896, are registered for Russia for the first time.

Short Communications

45A.P. Mikhailenko, L.V. Bolshakov
New findings of Oedaleus decorus (Germar, 1817) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in the forest-steppe of Center European Russia.
46F.S. Pudovikov
First records of the Zygaena centaureae Fischer de Waldheim, 1832 (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae) in the Moscow Province.

Reviews and Discussions

47Book review
H. van Oorschot, J.G. Coutsis. The genus Melitaea Fabricius, 1807 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae). Taxonomy and systematics with special reference to the male genitalia. – Pardubice: Tshikolovets Publications, 2014. – 360 p.

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