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ISSUE 62 (2020)

Systematics and zoogeography

3 V.V. Zolotuhin
What is Jordanita pauperа (Сhristoph, 1887) in the Lower Volga Region? (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae)

SUMMARY. It was found that local Volga populations for a long time attributed to Jordanita (Roccia) pauperа (Christoph, 1887), is distinct from the nominate ones known from south-west Turkmenistan. Two morphological forms are shown, and they are considered as own species. Both bear unique morphological character as a metallic shine on the hind wing. The larger species with silk shining of the fore wing and proboscis developed is described here as Jordanita smaragdonna Zolotuhin, sp. n. (type locality: Astrakhan Reg., station Malyj Aral). The smaller species with the stronger mirror shining, concave costal margin of the fore wing and reduced yellow proboscis is considered here as Jordanita scintillosa Zolotuhin, nom. n. This name is proposed as a substitutional one for Procris hamifera f. (ssp.?) minor Alberti, 1937, which is junior homonym for Atychia statices var. β. minor Eversmann, 1844. Jordanita hamifera (Jordan, 1907) is considered an own species from mountain Tian-Shan range; its relationship with other species of paupera-group is unknown. It is also shown that taxonomic scheme of the subgenus Roccia Alberti, 1954, is still preliminary and needs further elaboration with using molecular data
12 S.K. Korb, A.Y. Matov
Molecular-phylogenetic analysis of the owlet moths of the genus Drasteria Hübner, [1818] (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) of Palaearctics

SUMMARY. Basing on the first subunit of the cytochromeoxydase gene sequence (COI) we submit the molecular-phylogenetic analysis of the owlet moths of the genus Drasteria Hübner, [1818] of the Palaearctic region; two-thirds species of this genus from the mentioned region were studied. The COI-sequence of Drasteria is almost not variable (no more than 3 nucleotides within one species). The genus Drasteria is monophyletic with strong bootstrap-support of branches. 51 haplotypes were extracted from 100 studied sequences; inside the Drasteria populations local as far as widely distributed haplotypes are present. In the Middle Asiatic populations of D. caucasica (Kolenati, 1846) the genetic differences on the species level are not detected, this we can conclude D. hyblaeoides (Moore, 1878) is not occur the Middle Asia.

Ecology and faunistics

24V.O. Kozminykh
Stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomoidea) of the Middle Urals (with summarized data for the total fauna of the Urals Region)

SUMMARY. Data on the current composition of the stink bugs fauna of the superfamily Pentatomoidea are summarized for the Middle Urals and analyzed for the first time, and brief results of investigation of the bugs fauna at the Urals Region as total are presented. The 50 species within 35 genera and 6 families, namely Cydnidae (5 species), Thyreocoridae and Plataspidae (each by single species), Acanthosomatidae (7), Scutelleridae (3), and Pentatomidae (33 species) are registered for the Middle Urals. There are 38 species known from the Perm Area, from these 35 species are found in Perm City, and 43 species are noted for the Sverdlovsk Province, while 32 species are recorded for Ekaterinburg City and close environments. Ecological characters of stink bugs of the Middle Urals are discussed. As a result, 117 species of Pentatomoidea within 60 genus and 6 families are registered for the Urals Region. From these 7 species of Pentatomoidea from 2 families: Acanthosomatidae (2 species) and Pentatomidae (5 species) are noted for the Cis-Polar Urals (Komi Republic). The 34 stink bugs species from 5 families: Cydnidae (3), Thyreocoridae (1), Acan-thosomatidae (6), Scutelleridae (2), and Pentatomidae (22) are registered for the Northern Urals and Cis-Urals, with all species found in Komi Republic, and 7 species are noted for the northern territories of Sverdlovsk Province (from the Nature Reserve «Denezhkin Kamen’»). The 113 species within 6 families of Pentatomoidea are found out at the South Urals, from which Pentatomidae (68 species) dominate. The 59 species of Pentatomoidea are recorded for the Republic of Bashkortostan, 43 species are found in Chelyabinsk Province, and 110 species are known from Orenburg Province
60 A.S. Sazhnev, V.A. Chernyshov, V.A. Senkevitch, A.O. Polumordvinov
New and generalized data to the fauna of water beetles (Coleoptera) of the Penza Province.

SUMMARY. In the article new and generalized data on the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) in the Penza Province presents. The checklist of beetles includes 114 species from 13 families; 36 species for the Penza Province are registered in first time. 8 species (Aulonogyrus concinnus (Klug, 1834), Agabus zetterstedti C.G. Thomson, 1856, Colymbetes dolab-ratus (Paykull, 1798), Dytiscus semisulcatus O.F. Müller, 1776, Hydroporus marginatus (Duftschmid, 1805), Paracymus aeneus (Germar, 1823), Berosus spinosus (Steven, 1808) and Hydrophilus piceus (Linnaeus, 1758)) are proposed to be deleted from the list of regional fauna.
68 S.G. Mazurov, Ya.A.Urbanus, A.A. Prokin, D.I. Ryaskin, R.N. Ishin
To the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) of the Lipetsk Province. Addition 3

SUMMARY. A list of 59 species of Coleoptera from the Lipetsk Province is given, of which 57 species are listed for the first time in the oblast, 6 for the first time for the “Galichya Gora“ Nature Reserve, and 1 are again found in the area after sin-gle finds more than 50 years ago.
72V.O. Kozminykh, L.V. Bolshakov
Carabus (Archicarabus) nemoralis O.F. Müller, 1764 (Coleoptera: Carabidae) at the east of its area

SUMMARY. Current data on the distribution of ground beetle Carabus (Archicarabus) nemoralis O.F. Müller, 1764 in the East-ern European part of Russia and the Urals are presented. New material is reported for the Perm City (Middle Cis-Urals). The peculiarities of gradual dispersal of the species to the East, North-East and partially South due to climat-ic and anthropogenic impact are considered
83L.V. Bolshakov, S.К. Alekseev, V.V. Perov, V.I. Piskunov, V.V. Anikin
Additions and corrections on the fauna and oecology of Kaluga Province Lepidoptera. 9

SUMMARY. Additions and corrections to the list of Lepidoptera of Kaluga province are presented, based on collection materials of 2016-2019 and the analysis of published data. An annotated list of 26 species is presented, with 24 species being recorded as new to the рrovince, including Infurcitinea ignicomella (Heydenreich, 1851), Gnorimoschema valesiella (Staudinger, 1877), Emmelina pseudojezonica Derra, 1987 and Argyroploce externa (Eversmann, 1844) as new to Central Russiathe rest being local, rare or demanding further investigation. Additionally, 4 species are recorded as new to Moscow Province, previously reported online. Northernmost records for European Russia are presented for Crassa unitella (Hübner, 1796), Damophila mayrella (Hübner, [1813]), Syncopacma ochrofasciella (Toll, 1936), Nothris verbascella ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Cydia succedana ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Cydia pyrivora (Danilevsky, 1947) and Lamoria anella ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775).
88 L.V. Bolshakov, I.Yu. Kostrikin, S.G. Mazurov, V.I. Piskunov
On the fauna of Lepidoptera of Lipetsk Province. Addition 7

SUMMARY. Additions and corrections to the list of Lepidoptera of Lipetsk Province are presented. The list is comprised of 37 species new to the province, incl. 20 new to Central Chernozem'e region, 1 (Eucosma messingiana (Fischer von Röslerstamm, 1837))) are new to Central European Russia, also it contains 1 species which are new to the “Galiсhya Gora” Nature Reserve. Additionally, as well as new data for 12 species are given, incl. Orgyia recens (Hübner, [1819]) and Euxoa tritici (Linnaeus, 1760), which was previously reported questionably. Several records are qualified as: northernmost for Megacraspedus binotellus (Duponchel, 1843), Scrobipalpa klimeschi Povolný, 1967, Lobesia artemisiana (Zeller, 1847), Anchoscelis litura (Linnaeus, 1760), sauthernmost for Depressaria leucocephala Snellen, 1884, Pleurota bicostella (Clerck, 1759), Aristotelia ericinella (Zeller, 1839), Phalonidia curvistrigana (Stainton, 1859), Apotomis inundana ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Epinotia tedella (Clerck, 1759), E. sordidana (Hübner, [1824]), E. caprana (Fabricius, 1798), Celaena haworthii (Curtis, 1829), Xylena solidaginis (Hübner, [1803]), Anarta myrtilli (Linnaeus, 1760).
95 D.A. Komarov, S.V. Nedoshivina, A.N. Samus
Forester moths (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae: Procridinae) of the Volgograd Province

SUMMARY. 11 species of Procridinae are noted for Volgograd Province. Jordanita notata (Zeller, 1847) is listed for Volga Re-gion for the first time and Adscita albanica (Naufock, 1926) is mentioned here firstly for the Province. Distribution-al and ecological data on Volgograd Province are given for all mentioned species

Short communications

100V.V. Perov, S.K. Alekseev, A.V. Rogulenko
Detection of Rhysodes sulcatus (Fabricius, 1787) and Cerophytum elateroides Latreille, 1809 (Coleoptera: Rhysodidae, Cerophytidae) in Kaluga Province


Recensions and scientific discussions

101L.V. Bolshakov, N.N. Ismagilov
Book recension: A catalogue of Lepidoptera of Russia. 2nd Edition / Ed. S.Y. Sinev — St.-Petersburg: Zoological Institute RAS, 2019.— 448 p. Part 2. Imperfections in Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae – Noctuidae in the middle and southern parts of European Russia and Ural

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