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ISSUE 41 (2015)

Systematics and Zoogeography

3I.A. Solodovnikov, V.M. Kotzur
Contribution to knowledge of the Carabus (Megodontus) violaceus Linnaeus, 1758 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Carabini) and its subspecific structure in the Republic of Belarus.

SUMMARY. This article gives the information on some features of biology and taxonomy of subspecific structure of Carabus violaceus Linnaeus, 1758 within the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The article is based on long-term collection materials of the authors and their colleagues. The territory of the Republic of Belarus is inhabited by 3 subspecies: C. violaceus violaceus Linnaeus, 1758; C. violaceus andrzejuscii Fischer von Waldheim, 1823 and C. violaceus aurolimbatus Dejean, 1829.
6Yu.I. Budashkin, I. Richter
A new species of the casebearer moths of the genus Casignetella Strand, 1928 (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae) from Russia.

SUMMARY. Casignetella pseudolongicornella, sp. n., C. pseudostepposa, sp. n. and C. srnkai, sp. n. are described from South Ural, C. pseudopalifera, sp. n. is described from Northern Caucasus. Type material is deposited in collection of L’ubomir Srnka (Slovakia, Lehota pod Vtacnikom).
11Yu.I. Budashkin, I. Richter, Ju. Tabell
A new finds of the casebearer moths (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae) in Russia and Armenia.

SUMMARY. The results of processing of the Slovak entomologists collections 2008-2014 years in the North Caucasus, Kalmykia, South Ural, Altai and Armenia are given. Five Coleophoridae species (Casignetella spiralis (Falkovitsh, 1977), C. clarissa (Falkovitsh, 1977), C. adalligata (Falkovitsh, 1975), comb. n., C. falkovitshella (Vives, 1984), C. mediocris (Falkovitsh, 1977)) are reported for the first time for Europe, nine species (Multicoloria flavicosta (Reznik, 1974), Damophila hieronella (Zeller, 1849), Orthographis conyzae (Zeller, 1868), Casignetella parenthella (Toll, 1952), C. thymi (Hering, 1942), comb. n., C. carelica (Hackman, 1945), comb. n., C. adalligata, C. mediocris, C. odorariella (Mühlig & Frey, 1857)) — are new for Russian fauna, four species (Orthographis niveopictella (Toll, 1952), comb. n., O. mucronata (Baldizzone, 1994), comb. n., Casignetella argentula (Stephens, 1834), Carpochena bivittella (Staudinger, 1879), comb. n.) — are new for Armenian fauna. Casignetella pseudotrochilella, sp. n. is described from Northern Caucasus (Russia). From Altai material the female of Casignetella palifera (Falkovitsh, 1977) is described for the first time. Amseliphora Capuse, 1971 = Ardania Capuse, 1973, syn. n., Razowskia Capuse, 1971 = Klimeschja Capuse, 1971, syn. n., Casignetella Strand, 1928 = Ecebalia Capuse, 1973, syn. n., subgenus Phagolamia Falkovitsh, 1972, stat. n., Amseliphora trifariella (Zeller, 1849), comb. n., A. vulpecula (Zeller, 1849), comb. n., Multicoloria quadristraminella (Toll, 1961), comb. n., Casignetella neobagorella (Li & Zheng, 1999), comb. n., C. squamosella (Stainton, 1856), comb. n., C. ochroptera (Li, 2004), comb. n., C. uniphalli (Anikin, 2005), comb. n., are settled.
On the oldest available name for the taxon known as Limenitis reducta Staudinger, 1901, on the taxa Papilio rivularis Scopoli, 1763 and Papilio sappho Pallas, 1771 and designation of their primary types (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).

SUMMARY. It is shown that the oldest available name for taxon known until present as Limenitis reducta Staudinger, 1901, is Papilio minor Hufnagel, 1766. The synonymy of this taxon and its new combination are established (Limenitis minor (Hufnagel, 1766), comb.n. = L. reducta Staudinger, 1901, syn.n.). It is shown that the lectotype designation made by F.Hemming in 1959 is invalid because as the lectotype was selected more than one specimen. The neotypes of Papilio minor Hufnagel, 1766, Papilio sappho Pallas, 1771 and Papilio rivularis Scopoli, 1763 are designated.

Ecology and Faunistics

28L.V. Bolshakov, S.К. Alekseev, V.V. Perov
Additions and corrections on the fauna and ecology of the Lepidoptera of Kaluga province. 7.

SUMMARY. Additions and corrections to the list of Lepidoptera of Kaluga province are presented, based on collection materials of 2010-2014 and the analysis of published data. An annotated list of 16 species is presented, with 12 species being recorded as new to the рrovince, including Aethes francillana (Fabricius, 1794) and Wheeleria marptys (Christoph, 1872) as new to Central Russia, the rest being local, rare or demanding further investigation. Northernmost and north-westernmost records for European Russia are presented for Therapis flavicaria ([Denis et Schiffermuller], 1775) and Minoa murinata (Scopoli, 1763). Acleris hippophaeana (Heyden, 1865) is excluded from the fauna of Central European Russia, as the records were reidentified as certain forms of А. hastiana (Linnaeus, 1758).
31L.V. Bolshakov, V.S. Okulov
Moths of Udmurtia. 4. Tortricidae (Lepidoptera).

SUMMARY. As a result of consolidation of data on lower moths of Udmurtia Republic, an annotated list of Tortricidae is presented. Study of published data as well as recent materials (collected from 1987 to 2013) has revealed 181 species, 66 of which are only known after Krulikowsky’s publications and are included provisionally, assessing correctness of that author’s identification and their overall zonal distribution; 27 species are new to Udmurtia and Middle Cisuralia, including 16 being new to “Southern European taiga region” of the “Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of Russia” [2008]. 7 unnumbered species are included, which were reported from the republic in earlier literature, but cannot be accepted without collection material. Excluded from the fauna of Udmurtia, Central Cisuralia, Volgo-Vyatka region, Middle Volga region and Centre of European Russia Clepsis rolаndriana (Linnaeus, 1758), as recent material [Kuznetzov, 1978; Kostyuk, 1980] belongs to C. rogana (Guenee, 1845). Excluded from the fauna of Udmurtia, Central Cisuralia and Volgo-Vyatka region are Acleris hippophaeana (Heyden, 1865) (as recent material belongs to A. hastiana (Linnaeus, 1758)), Cochylimorpha straminea (Haworth, 1811) (as recent material belongs to C. alternana wiatkensis (Krulikowsky, 1909), comb. n. et stat. rest.) and Endothenia oblongana (Haworth, 1811) (as recent material belongs to other sibling species).
46S.K. Korb, R.E. Talyak, A.A. Zatakovoy, D.A. Pozhogin
To the fauna of Pyraloidea (Lepidoptera) of the Nizhny Novgorod Province.

SUMMARY. A list of Pyraloidea of the Nizhny Novgorod Province is compiled, comprising 100 species of Crambidae s.l. and 63 species of Pyralidae s.l. (163 species in total), 79 species are listed from Nizhny Novgorod Province for the first time. Udea uralica Slamka, 2013 is recorded from the Volga region for the first time.
54A.G. Belik
A rare case of natural interspecific hybridisation in the genus Erebia Dalman, 1816 in Altai Mts. (Lepidoptera: Satyridae).

SUMMARY. From Altai Mountains (vicinity of Aktash village) an obvious hybrid specimen of the genus Erebia Dalman, 1816, E. cyclopius (Eversmann, 1844) х E. embla (Thunberg, 1791) is reported. It is supposed to be a result of a natural crossing between a male E. cyclopius (Eversmann, 1844) and a female E. embla (Thunberg, 1791). This is the first documented case of interspecific hybridisation in the genus Erebia, known in the territory of Russian Federation.
57A.B. Ruchin, V.E. Pilipenko
Preliminary checklist of the Tipuloidae (Diptera: Limoniidae, Tipulidae) of the Mordovia Republic.

SUMMARY. A first review of the fauna of the Tipuloidea (Diptera) of the Mordovia Republic, comprising 46 species from 2 families (Limoniidae and Tipulidae) is given. The report is based on the materials collected in 2008-2009, 2012-2013 and includes information from all prior published accounts of the Tipuloidea from the Mordovia Republic. 16 species of Limoniidae and 23 species of Tipulidae are recorded for the first time for Mordovia. Limonia albifrons (Meigen, 1818) is listed for Russia for the first time.

Short communications

61A.S. Sazhnev, E.S. Khalilov
Eucinetidae (Coleoptera: Scirtoidea) — a new family of beetles for the fauna of Saratov Province.
62L.V. Bolshakov
Grapholita internana (Guеnée, 1845) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), a new species for the fauna of Russia.


63List of nomenclature acts published by “Eversmannia” in 2014

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