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ISSUE 38 (2014)

Systematics and Zoogeography

3S.K. Korb, L.V. Bolshakov
Nomenclatorial notes to the Euphydryas Scudder, 1871 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) of the Russian Far East.

SUMMARY. The lectotype male of Melitaea aurinia var. mandschurica Staudinger, 1892 is designated and figured (deposited in Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, Germany), the holotype male of Euphydryas aurinia sibirica mod. tjutjujensis Higgins, 1950 is figured, and the type locality of Melitaea Artemis var. Davidi Oberthür, 1881 is corrected to North China, Inner Mongolia, Baotou city environs, southern slopes of Inshan mountains.
6S.K. Korb
A new subspecies of Polyommatus venus (Staudinger, 1886) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from Middle Asia.

SUMMARY. In the present paper a new subspecies, Polyommatus venus markusha, ssp.n., is described. Its type locality is: Kirghizstan, Baidulu Mts., Dolon Pass, 3000 - 3200 m. New synonymy is established: Polyommatus icarus icarus (Rottemburg, 1775) = P. icarus wiskotti (Courvoisier, 1910), syn. n.

Ecology and Faunistics

7G.Yu. Lyubarsky, S.К. Alekseev, V.V. Perov
List of Cryptophagidae species (Coleoptera) of Kaluga province.

SUMMARY. A list of the species of Silken Fungus Beetles (Cryptophagidae) of Kaluga province, comprised of 74 species, is presented. It is shorter by 24 species than that of the better explored Moscow province. Ecological and phenological affinity is revised for some species.
19L.V. Bolshakov, A.B. Ruchin, V.I. Piskunov, G.B. Semishin
To the fauna of Lepidoptera in the Republic of Mordovia. Addition 3.

SUMMARY. As a result for 2013 research, a list of 125 species of Lepidoptera from the Republic of Mordovia is presented, 114 of which are new to the fauna of the Republic, incl. Ptilodon cucullina ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775) new to Volga basin, occurence is confirmed for those previously known after old records by non-lepidopterists, the rest of the species included required further elucidation.
28S.K. Korb
Issyk-Kul pleistocene refuge and its value in the butterflies formgenesis (Lepidoptera: Papilionoformes).

SUMMARY. An analysis of the history of the Issyk-Kul refuge is proposed, this refuge has a great importance in the origin of modern butterflies fauna of Middle Asia. This refuge is not only one of the major formgenetic centers in the region, but also a transit territory for migration routes of many species in the post-glacial and interglacial time. The details of glaciation in refuge had a very strong influence on formgenesis: mutagenic factors here were particularly strong especially UV-rays (hypothetically twice exceeds the current intensity), and extreme temperature fluctuations. It is shown that four genera of butterflies originated from this refuge. The high degree of endemismus and modern high rate of species endemismus koefficient are evidences held in this region the active formgenetic processes. Evolution of vegetation is closely associated with the butterflies formgenesis; it was shown that the formgenetical activity is more typical for olygophages and polyphages. Formgenetical processes affects mainly middle mountainous forms of insects, which is directly related to the nature of glaciation: ice-free was a narrow zone near mirror of lake Issyk-Kul to about 2000 m. Allocated 3 formgenesis peaks in refuge: preglacial (100–70 thousand years ago), glacial (30–24 thousand years ago) and postglacial (about 15 thousand years ago).
39A.G. Belik
The first record of a Nearctic species Acsala anomala Benjamin, 1935 in the Palaearctic, at Northwest Chukotka (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae: Lithosiinae).

SUMMARY. First record of Acsala anomala Benjamin, 1935, a little-known Nearctic species of Lithosiinae, previously considered as confined only to Alaska and Yukon is reported from NW Chukotka (vicinity of Bilibino town). This is a first documented record of this species in Palaearctic region.

Short communications

42A.S. Sazhnev, E.S. Khalilov
Aphodius isajevi Kabakov, 1994 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) — a new nidicolous species for the fauna of Saratov Province.

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