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ISSUE 34 (2013)

Systematics and Zoogeography

3I.N. Toskina
New South-European species of wood-borer beetles of the genus Lasioderma Stephens, 1835 (Coleoptera: Ptinidae: Xyletininae).

SUMMARY. Nine new species of the genus Lasioderma Stephens, 1835 (Ptinidae: Xyletininae) are described. Also the question about validity of the species Lasioderma bicolor Schaufuss, 1882 is discussed.
25L.V.Bolshakov, S.K.Korb
A new species of Euphydryas aurinia (Rottemburg, 1775) - group from Caucasus (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).

SUMMARY. Euphydryas discordia, sp. n., with two subspecies (nominotypical, type locality: [Russia, Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia], N. Caucasus, Teberda settlement, Mukhu river), and Euphydryas discordia kartlica, ssp.n. (type locality: Georgia, [Samtshe-Dzhavakheti Province, Borzhomi distr.], Trialetsky Mts., Akhaldaba, 2300 m) is described. This new species is a cryptic species of E. aurinia (Rottemburg, 1775)-group, close to the nominate E. aurinia from Central Europe, and, to a lesser extent, to Caucasian (probably sometimes sympatric) E. cf. aurinia avis (Lastukhin, 2008) by the habitus and male genitalia, but by the female genitalia it is close to E. maturna (Linnaeus, 1758)-group members. This new species apparently can be treated either as a relict “pro-aurinia”, which remained extant in mountain refugia on the terminating stage of trasition from E. maturna-group to E. aurinia-group, or as a product of hybridisation between the two groups at the time of their syntopic occurence. Other Caucasian taxa of E. aurinia (Rottemburg, 1775) are discussed, status of which need clarification with molecular methods. With no further delimitations between the two Palaearctic subgenera of Euphydryas Scudder, 1871 we synonymise them into one subgenus Hypodryas Higgins, 1978 (= Eurodryas Higgins, 1978; = Afrodryas Lastukhin, 2008, syn.n.).
To the systematics, biology and diagnostics of a little known species Lycaena triphysina Staudinger, 1891 (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).

SUMMARY. In this message the new subgenus Borisinia, subgen.n. in the genus Pseudophilotes Beuret, 1958 (type species: Lycaena triphysina Staudinger, 1891) and its diagnostic features are described. The biotope and flight period of Pseudophilotes (Borisinia) triphysina (Staudinger, 1891), comb.n. in Ili valley are described.

Ecology and Faunistics

38M.N. Tsurikov
A simple trap for flying necrophagous insects.

SUMMARY.The description of a trap for flying necrophagous insects constructed and tested by the author is presented. Its design feature is that it completely eliminates any contact of insects with the decaying corpse. 224 censuses taken on the steppificated fringe of Morozova Gora (the nature reserve “Galychya Gora”) resulted in identifying 2421 Coleoptera specimens of 116 species of 31 families. A list of the most multitudinous species is provided.
40T.V. Levchenko
Contributions to the fauna of bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) of Moscow Province. 4. Family Apidae. Subfamilies Apinae (сonclusive part) and Nomadinae.

SUMMАRY. Article contains generalized information on world and local distribution in Moscow Province (Middle Russia) of 46 species of bees, 2 Apinae and 44 Nomadinae. Both Apinae, Eucera rufipes Smith, 1879 and Thyreus truncatus (Perez, 1883), and 6 Nomadinae, Nomada castellana Dusmet, 1913 N. errans Lepeletier, 1841, N. fabriciana (Linnaeus, 1767), N. furva Panzer, 1798, N. pulchra Arnold, 1902 and Biastes brevicornis (Panzer, 1798), are given for the province for the first time. Past records of N. emarginata Morawitz, 1877, N. noskiewiczi Schwarz, 1966, N. piccioliana Magretti, 1883, N. succincta Panzer, 1798 and N. villosa Thomson, 1870 for the region are based on the misidentifications and noted here. The intraspecific genetic variation for N. alboguttata Herrich-SchĠffer, 1839, including N. baccata Smith, 1844, and N. fucata Panzer, 1798 by the COI sequences is shown. The localities, the data of catching, the quantity of collected specimens and original information on ecology (visited plants and stations, flight period) are included for all Moscowian species. Color forms for 8 variable species in Moscow Province are noted and illustrated.
57S.K. Korb, A.A. Zatakovoy, D.A. Pozhogin
Additions to the fauna of Lepidoptera of the Nizhny Novgorod Province.

SUMMARY. The new addition to the Lepidoptera fauna of the Nizhny Novgorod Province is presented, containing data about 57 speces. 47 species of Lepidoptera are recorded from the fauna of the Nizhny Novgorod Province for the first time. For 10 species the distribution data are clarified.

Short communications

60M.N. Tsurikov
First records of the mammoth wasp Megascolia maculata (Drury, 1773) (Hymenoptera: Scoliidae) in the Lipetsk Province.
61L.V. Bolshakov, M.N. Tsurikov
Presence of Zygaena laeta (Hübner, 1790) (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae) in the Voronezh Province.

Reviews and Discussions

62Book review
[Sochivko A.V., Kaabak L.V. The Guide to the Lepidoptera of Russia. Butterflies. — Moscow, 2012]
64Book review
Tshikolovets V.V., Nekrutenko Yu.P. The butterflies of Caucasus and Transcaucasia (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russian Federation). – Pardubice: Tshikolovets Publications, 2012. – 423 p.

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