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(Published 29.03.2023)

Systematics and zoogeography

3 S.K. Korb
On the question of oldest available name for the taxon known as Boloria sipora generator (Staudinger, 1886) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)

SUMMARY. The lectotypes of Argynnis sipora Moore, 1875 and A. baralacha Moore, 1882 are designated and compared. The taxa sipora and generator belong to the same group of species B. pales, but they are different species. Genitalia armatures of the type specimens of sipora and baralacha have not been studied; without such research of type specimens and their genitalia I guess very difficult to determine at least a genus of taxon baralacha which by its wing pattern placed much closer to the genus Brenthis Hübner, 1819 than to Boloria Moore, 1900. Taxa sipora and generator have significant differences in wing pattern that gives us no ability to treat them as the same species. Thus the Middle Asiatic species of the group B. pales is a separate species Boloria generator (Staudinger, 1886).
8 S.K. Korb
Fergana pyralina Boursin, 1940, new for the fauna of Kyrgyzstan, with description of a new subspecies (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

SUMMARY. Fergana pyralina Boursin, 1940 is recorded from Kyrgyzstan for the first time. A new subspecies, Fergana pyralina obscurata Korb, ssp. n., is described. Its type locality is “Kyrgyzstan, Transalai Mts., near the border post Bardobo, 39°30’50”N, 73°16’03” E, 3454 m”. The new subspecies differs from both other taxa known in the genus Fergana Staudinger, 1892 till now by the wing pattern and coloration. The male genitalia of F. pyralina are depicted for the first time.

Ecology and faunistics

11 V.O. Kozminykh
New records of true bugs (Heteroptera) in the Urals

SUMMARY. An annotated list of new records of 55 Heteroptera species from 16 families is herein presented (2 Saldidae, 2 Nabidae, 8 Miridae, 1 Tingidae, 4 Acanthosomatidae, 16 Pentatomidae, 1 Alydidae, 1 Coreidae, 4 Rhopalidae, 2 Stenocephalidae, 1 Blissidae, 1 Geocoridae, 1 Lygaeidae , 1 Oxycarenidae, 2 Piesmatidae, and 8 Rhyparochromidae species), which are listed for the Middle Urals (the Perm Area) and the Southern Urals (the Orenburg Province). Codophila varia (Fabricius, 1787) (Pentatomidae) is first listed for the Urals in the SolIletsk District of the Orenburg Province, this is the easternmost record in Russia and the most northeastern in this species range. The 2 species are reported for the Middle Urals for the first time, these are: Pilophorus confusus (Kirschbaum, 1856) and P. perplexus Douglas et Scott, 1875 (Miridae). There are 7 species found first in the Perm Area – in addition to above which are Lygocoris contaminatus (Fallén, 1807) (Miridae), Eurydema ornata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pentatomidae), Stictopleurus punctatonervosus (Goeze, 1778) (Rhopalidae), Peritrechus angusticollis (R.F. Sahlberg, 1848), Stygnocoris fuligineus (Geoffroy, 1785) (Rhyparochromidae). For the Orenburg Province the 3 species are first recorded – Codophila varia, Saldula opacula (Zetterstedt, 1838) (Saldidae), and Tropidothorax leucopterus (Goeze, 1778) (Lygaeidae). In the Perm Area the northeastern border of distribution of Stygnocoris fuligineus in European Russia (58°01'N, 56°19'E) is there established. In the Orenburg Province the westernmost locality (54°59'E) is discovered for Sciocoris abbreviatus (Reuter, 1879) (Pentatomidae) in Russia, and the most northern localities (51°09'–51°49'N) at the border of European and Asian Russia are established there for Henestaris halophilus (Burmeister, 1835) (Geocoridae) and Maccevetus caucasicus (Kolenati, 1845) (Rhopalidae). The most southeastern records of a number of species in the Urals (50°59'–51°10'N, 54°57'–61°09'E), including Aelia furcula Fieber, 1868 and Peribalus inclusus (Dohrn, 1860) (Pentatomidae), are specified.
37V.O. Kozminykh
New records of Histeridae (Coleoptera) for Russia and neighboring regions. 1

SUMMARY. New records of 25 species of beetles of the family Histeridae (subfamilies Abraeinae, Dendrophilinae, Haeteriinae and Histerinae) are defined for the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Greece, Georgia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China. In Georgia, Chaetabraeus (Mazureus) sp. is found, which differs from closely related species of Abraeini tribe. For the first time, Plegaderus vulneratus (Panzer, 1797) is recorded for the Novgorod Region, Hister sibiricus Marseul, 1854 is first recorded for the Irkutsk Region, Atholus corvinus (Germar, 1817) is reported from Transcarpathia (Ukraine), Atholus duodecimstriatus quatuordecimstriatus (Gyllenhal, 1808) is first recorded for Georgia, Hister quadrinotatus L.G. Scriba, 1790 is first recorded for Kyrgyzstan, Margarinotus koenigi (J. Schmidt, 1888) is first recorded for Gansu Province (China). The rare Haeterius ferrugineus (Olivier, 1789) is found for the first time in the Perm City (Perm Area).
47A.V. Amolin
Ecological and faunistic review of scoliid wasps of the Donbass. Families Sapygidae and Scoliidae (Hymenoptera: Scolioidea)

SUMMARY. The article provides annotated list of 10 wasps species of the families Sapygidae and Scoliidae of the Donbass. For each species, literature data on its finds on the territory of Donbass and its geographical distribution, areal type, biotopic distribution, trophic relationships of imago and larval wasps, as well as unpublished material are given.
58L.V. Bolshakov, S.К. Alekseev, V.V. Perov, M.I. Garkunov, D.V. Khvaletskiy
Additions and corrections on the fauna and oecology of Kaluga Province Lepidoptera. 13

SUMMARY. Based on research up to and including 2022, additions and clarifications to the Lepidoptera fauna of Kaluga Province are presented. An annotated list of 27 species is given, 17 of which are new to the province, 4 previously known after old or dubious records are confirmed, and one is new to the "Kaluzhskie Zaseki" nature reserve. Euzophera costivittella Ragonot, 1887 is excluded from the fauna of Kaluga Province and Central European Russia: previous records should be attributed to E. cinerosella (Zeller, 1839). An incidental first record of Cydalima perspectalis (Walker, 1859) in Central European Russia is reported, although inclusion of it in the regional fauna is deemed unnecessary, as it is unlikely to establish itself in the region's ecological conditions. Additionally, 4 species are reported as new to Moscow Province, previously presented online. Northernmost records in European Russia are presented for Oegoconia deauratella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1854), Catoptria lythargyrella (Hübner, 1796), Isturgia arenacearia ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Apamea epomidion (Haworth, 1809), and southernmost records for Lithophane lamda (Fabricius, 1787) and Coranarta cordigera (Thunberg, 1788).

Short nomenclatural messages

65S.K. Korb
What is Drasteria pictoides Poole, 1989 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae)?


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