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ISSUE 65-66 (2021)

Ecology and faunistics

3 M.P. Poltavskaya, †A.N. Poltavsky
Results of the study of Dragonflies (Odonata) of the Rostov-on-Don Province.

SUMMARY. The result of the study of the Dragonflies in the Rostov Province based on the origin materials of authors sampled in 1972-2019 and the analysis of the materials from museum collections is given. The list of 50 species of the Dragonflies with the sampling localities is presented. The data concerning abundance and trends in the fauna changes of Dragonflies during the researching period are discussed.
8 V.O. Kozminykh
Bugs of the superfamily Coreoidea (Heteroptera) of the Middle Urals (with data on the total fauna of the Urals Region and adjacent territories).

SUMMARY. Data to a current composition of the bugs fauna of the superfamily Coreoidea are summarized for the Middle Urals and analyzed. Brief results of investigation of the fauna of these bugs at the Urals Region totally and several neighbouring territories are presented. The 24 species of Coreoidea within 18 genera and 4 families, namely Stenocephalidae (1 species, Dicranocephalus medius (Mulsant & Rey, 1870)), Rhopalidae (11 species), Alydidae (2 species), and Coreidae (10 species) are registered for the Middle Urals. There are 21 species known from the Perm Area, and 18 species noted for the Sverdlovsk Province, both from 4 families of Coreoidea. The 15 species are found in Perm City, and 10 species are recorded for Ekaterinburg City with close environments. Ecological characters of these bugs at the Middle Urals are discussed. As a result, 43 species of Coreoidea within 24 genus and 4 families are registered for the Urals Region. From these, 3 species of Coreoidea of the family Rhopalidae are noted for the Cis-Polar Urals (Komi Republic). The 13 species from 4 families (8 Rhopalidae, 3 Coreidae, 1 Stenocephalidae, 1 Alydidae) are registered for the Northern Urals and Northern CisUrals, with all species found in Komi Republic, and 1 species, Coreus marginatus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Coreidae), is noted for the northern territories of Sverdlovsk Province (from the Nature Reserve «Denezhkin Kamen’»). All 43 species of Coreoidea are found out at the South Urals, from which 20 species of Rhopalidae and 17 species of Coreidae dominate. The 23 species of Coreoidea are recorded for the Republic of Bashkortostan, 19 species are found in Chelyabinsk Province, and 40 species are known from Orenburg Province.
29 S.G. Mazurov, Ya.A. Urbanus, O.I. Semionenkov, D.I. Ryaskin, A.A. Prokin
To the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) of the Lipetsk Province. Addition 4.

SUMMARY. A list of 71 species of Coleoptera from the Lipetsk Province is given, of which 67 species are listed for the first time in the oblast, 9 for the first time for the “Galichya Gora“ Nature Reserve, and 3 are again found in the area after single finds more than 50 years ago.
34 A.S. Sazhnev, A.N. Volodchenko
New data to the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) of the Saratov Province. Report 5

SUMMARY. In the article new data on the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) in the Saratov Province is presents. The annotated list of beetles includes 25 species from 8 family; all species are recorded from the Saratov Province for the first time.
36 V.N. Makarkin, A.B. Ruchin
A contribution to the knowledge of Neuroptera and Raphidioptera of the Vladimir, Ryazan and Tambov Provinces.

SUMMARY. Sixteen species of Neuroptera and one species of Raphidioptera are reported from the Vladimir, Ryazan and Tambov Provinces of European Russia. Most of these are new for these territories (asterisked in the text). Twelve species of Neuroptera are now confidently known from Vladimir Province (ten species are recorded for the first time); thirteen species of Neuroptera (ten species are recorded for the first time) and one species of Raphidioptera (recorded for the first time) from Ryazan Province; and eleven species of Neuroptera (six species are recorded for the first time) from Tambov Province.
41 L.V. Bolshakov, N.N. Ismagilov
Moths of the Republic of Tatarstan. 5. Tortricidae (Lepidoptera)

SUMMARY. An annotated list of Tortricidae of the Republic of Tatarstan is presented basing on materials collected in 2010 – 2020 and early published data. It comprises of 286 species, 89 species being recorded as new to the republic, Philedonides lunana (Thunberg, 1784), Phtheochroa decipiens (Walsingham, 1900), Selenodes karelica (Tengström, 1875), Pelochrista modicana (Zeller, 1847) and Cydia servillana (Duponchel, 1836) are new to the Middle Volga region; also 37 local or rare species are unnumbered and are known only by the published data and old collections. Occurence of Pelochrista umbaculana (Eversmann, 1844) in the Middle Volga region is confirmed, which was previously reported by E.A. Eversmann and L.K. Krulikowsky, but only reliably known after a lectotype from Orenburg Province (Spassk). The Far Eastern species Aterpia flavipunctana (Christoph, 1882) is indicated for the first time in Europe. The status of residence of this species requires further clarification. The wide distribution of Endothenia oblongana (Haworth, 1811) in the forest and forest-steppe zones of European Russia is confirmed. Almost all previous records of the southern species E. gentianaeana (Hübner, 1799) refer to the latter one. The necessity of re-designation of the incorrectly distinguished lectotype “Euxanthis straminea ab. wiatkensis" is figured (= Cochylimorpha alternana (Stephens, 1834) ssp. wiatkensis (Krulikowsky, 1907)) in the collection of the Zoological Museum of Kiev University (as a specimen of Evergestis pallidata (Hufnagel, 1767) was designated as the lectotype).

Short communications

93I.A. Solodovnikov, А.М. Ostrovsky, V.A. Kuznetzov
On the findings of Drypta dentata (Rossi, 1790) (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Belarus

94V.N. Makarkin, A.P. Mikhailenko
First record of Nothochrysa fulviceps (Stephens, 1836) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) from Tula Province.

95S.K. Korb
New data on the distribution of geometrids of the genus Archedontia Hausmann, Pototski et Viidalepp 2020 (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) in Tajikistan



List of nomenclature acts published by “Eversmannia” in 2020

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