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ISSUE 64 (2020)

Ecology and faunistics

Short communications

3 A.S. Sazhnev, V.V. Anikin, A.A. Mironova, D.A. Philippov
New data to the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) of the Saratov Province. Report 4

SUMMARY. In the article new data on the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) in the Saratov Province presents. The annotated list of beetles includes 14 species from 10 families; all species for the Saratov Province are registered in first time.
5 V.O. Kozminykh
The fauna of Silphidae beetles (Coleoptera) of the Urals and notes on several taxa

SUMMARY. This paper reviews the current state of knowledge and discusses the beetle fauna of the family Silphidae at the Urals. Data are provided for the Urals Region and adjacent territories of the East European Plain, Western Siberia and Western Kazakhstan. The results of the regional fauna studies on silphid beetles for the period from the XIX to the beginning of the XXI centuries are summarized up to 2020 including the last. Literature and original data on the distribution of species at the Urals, biology, and actual material are revised. Detailed information is given about representatives of 2 subfamilies of Silphidae of the Urals fauna: Silphinae (16 species) and Nicrophorinae (12 species), 28 species from 8 genera totally. Notes on the distribution of silphids in Russia and neighboring countries, as well as taxonomy of some species from the following genera: Ablattaria Reitter, 1885, Aclypea Reitter, 1885, and Nicrophorus Fabricius, 1775, are presented. The species status of Nicrophorus praedator (Reitter, 1887) is restored, stat. resurr. from the synonym N. investigator Zetterstedt, 1824, and the status of species N. confusus Portevin, 1924 and two subspecies: N. germanicus fascifer (Reitter, 1885), N. investigator funeror (Reitter, 1885) is confirmed. Thanatophilus dispar (Herbst, 1793) is recorded for the first time in the Northern Kama Region (Komi-Permyatsky Division of Perm Area, Kochevsky District). 10 Silphidae species are listed for the Polar and Circumpolar Urals (Komi Republic). For the Northern Urals 16 species are indicated, 14 of them are found in Komi Republic, 10 species are known from the Northern Regions of Perm Area, and 6 species are known from the North of Sverdlovsk Province. 19 Silphidae species have been recorded for the Middle Urals, all of them are found in Perm Area, and 14 species are found in Sverdlovsk Province. 25 species of the family are recorded for the Southern Urals, including 21 species in Bashkortostan Republic, 19 species in Chelyabinsk Province, and 23 species in Orenburg Province
47 V.N. Makarkin, L.V. Egorov
New data on Neuroptera and Raphidioptera of the Chuvash Republic

SUMMARY. 23 species of Neuroptera and 3 of Raphidioptera are reported from the Chuvash Republic in European Russia. Twenty of these are new for this territory. The use of traps baited with beer in tree canopies shows that the large green lacewing Nothochrysa fulviceps (Stephens, 1836) is not rare as previously thought, but is widespread throughout the Middle Volga Region and neighboring areas in oak forests and mixed forests that include oak.
52 T.V. Levchenko
Contributions to the fauna of bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) of Moscow Province. 8. Family Megachilidae

SUMMARY. Annotated list of species of the family Megachilidae of Moscow Province is presented. It consists of 67 species. Nine species are given for the province for the first time: Hoplitis robusta (Nylander, 1848), Osmia disjuncta Tkalců, 1995, O. laticeps Thomson, 1872, Anthidium septemspinosum Lepeletier, 1841, Pseudoanthidium nanum (Mocsáry, 1881), Stelis ornatula (Klug, 1807), Coelioxys afer Lepeletier, 1841, Megachile leachella Curtis, 1828 and M. nigriventris Schenck, 1870. Previous records of seven species are based on the misidentifications: Heriades crenulatus Nylander, 1856, Osmia cornuta (Latreille, 1805), O. niveata (Fabricius, 1804), Coelioxys argenteus Lepeletier, 1841, C. brevis Eversmann, 1852, C. lanceolatus Nylander, 1852 and Megachile pilidens Alfken, 1924. Paper contains information on the localities, the data of catching, the quantity of collected specimens and the original information on ecology (visited plants and stations, flight period) for all moscowian species. The range for each species is given on the map of the Province and in the text for the world. Additional information on distributuion in Russia is given for five Osmia Schmiedeknecht, 1885 species. Variability of COI gen is discussed in geographic context for Ameriacan and European material of Chelostoma campanularum (Kirby, 1802), Ch. rapunculi (Lepeletier, 1841), Hoplitis robusta (Nylander, 1848), Anthidium manicatum (Linnaeus 1758), A. oblongatum (Illiger, 1806) and Megachile rotundata (Fabricius 1787). Preliminary data on the COI gen supports the version that Stelis minima Schenck, 1861 should be a synonym of S. minuta Lepeletier et Serville, 1825
85V.O. Kozminykh
Additional information about Velia saulii Tamanini, 1947 (Heteroptera: Veliidae) in Perm City

86N.V. Borisova, A.B. Ruchin
The first record of Hagenella clathrata (Kolenati, 1848) (Trichoptera: Phryganeidae) from the Middle Volga region.

87А.G. Belik, P.R. Nogovitsyn
The first record of a Blue Underwing (Catocala fraxini (Linnaeus, 1758)) in Republic Sakha (Yakutia) (Lepidoptera: Erebidae)


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