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ISSUE 55-56 (2018)

Systematics and zoogeography

3 Е.V. Tsvetkov
On two species of narrow-winged pyralids, Ancylosis bartelella (Caradja, 1910) and Ancylosis monostictella (Ragonot, 1887) (bona spp.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Phycitinae)

Ancylosis bartelella Caradja, 1910, bona sp., stat. rev. and Ancylosis monostictella (Ragonot, 1887), bona sp., stat. rev. are considered as good species and they are raised from synonymy with Ancylosis roscidella (Eversmann, 1844) and Ancylosis gracilella (Ragonot, 1887) correspondingly. Their re-descriptions are given supported with illustrations of imago and male and female genitalia. A. bartelella is reported for the fauna of Russia for the first time (for Volgograd and Astrakhan Provinces), besides, some data on occurrence of this species in West Kazakhstan are provided. A. monostictella is reported for Lower Volga (for Astrakhan Province) and West Kazakhstan (Mangistau Province) for the first time.
7 S.K. Korb, А.А. Shaposhnikov, А.G. Belik
New taxa of Lepidoptera from Kyrgyzstan (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae, Pieridae, Noctuidae)

Following new taxa of Lepidoptera are described in the present paper: Koramius davydovi risto Korb, Belik et Shaposhnikov, ssp.n. (type locality: Kyrgyzstan, Moldo-Too Mts, Baun gorge, Chetindi Pass, 1900–2100 m), Koramius jacobsoni dvar Korb, ssp.n. (type locality: Kyrgyzstan, Alai Mts., Taldyk Pass, 3800 – 4000 m), Colias baryshevi Belik et Korb, sp.n. (type locality: Kyrgyzstan, Alai Mts., Taldyk Pass, 3300 m) and Mythimna clarior alatariel Korb, ssp.n. (type locality: Kyrgyzstan, south shore of Issyk-Kul lake, 10 km E of Kara-Talaa, 42°15'58.49"N, 76°34'51.56"E, 1620 m). The lectotype of Colias nebulosa Oberthür, 1894 is designated from the collection of Senckenberg Natural Hstory Museum, Görlitz, Germany.

Ecology and faunistics

12V.O. Kozminykh
A catalogue of myriapods (Myriapoda) of the Urals

An annotated catalogue of myriapods of the Urals is presented. 38 species of Myriapoda from 3 classes, 8 orders, 13 families and 27 genera are registered for the region. 2 Myriapoda species are noted for the Polar and Cis-Polar Urals within Komi Republic. 9 myriapod species are listed for the North Urals, all of them are found in Komi Republic, while Perm Province and Sverdlovsk (Ekaterinburg) Area (north territories) are inhabited only by single species. The Middle Urals is marked by 24 myriapod species, which are found in Perm Province totally, and 11 species are known from Sverdlovsk Area. 33 species are found at the South Urals, including Bashkir Republic with 28 species, Chelyabinsk Area and Orenburg Area – with 16 myriapod species in both. The first record of diplopod Blaniulus guttulatus (Fabricius, 1798) (Diplopoda: Blaniulidaе) at the Urals, in Perm is announced. The following three chilopod species (Chilopoda: Lithobiidae), i.e. Chinobius uralensis Farzalieva, 2004 (Perm Area, Sverdlovsk Province), Lithobius kozminykhi Farzalieva et Esyunin, 2008 (Perm Area, Orenburg Province) and Lithobius ruderalus Farzalieva, 2008 (Chelyabinsk Province) are considered to be provisory endemics of the Urals.
38 Ya.N. Kovalenko
A contribution to the beetles fauna (Coleoptera) of Pinezhsky Nature Reserve, its protected buffer zone and nearest surroundings

The paper contain annotated list of 80 species of beetles collected in the Pinezhsky Nature Reserve as far as 145 species of beetles collected in its surrounding protected zone, and in the neighborhoods of this Nature Reserve.
47 A.S. Sazhnev, I.Yu. Lychkovskaya, A.A. Prokin
New data to the fauna of aquatic and semi-aquatic beetles (Coleoptera: Gyrinidae, Haliplidae, Noteridae, Dytiscidae, Hydrochidae, Hydrophilidae, Heteroceridae) of Ryazan Province

In the article provides information on the fauna of aquatic and semi-aquatic beetles of the Ryazan Province. Based on the material collected in 2014–2017, an annotated list was compiled; it includes 28 species from 7 families, of which 19 species are first records for the fauna of the Ryazan Province.
52S.V. Ivanov, A.S. Sazhnev, M.G. Shcherbakov, O.A. Polumordvinov
The first record of Aphodius isajevi Kabakov, 1994 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in the reintroduced colony of Marmota bobak (Müller, 1776) (Rodentia: Sciuridae) in the Penza Province

In the article new record of rare nidicolous species Aphodius isajevi Kabakov, 1994 (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) is provided from Penza Province for the first time. The record was made in the reintroduced colony of Marmota bobak (Müller, 1776) (Rodentia: Sciuridae).
54A.N. Yudin, S.I. Buganin
New data to distribution of digger wasps (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) in the Ulyanovsk Province

An annotated list of digger (rooting) wasps of the Sphecidae family is presented, including 14 species collected in 1984-2016. Four species (Ammophila pubescens (Curtis, 1836), Podalonia fera Lepeletier, 1845, Palmodes orientalis (Mocsary, 1883) и Prionyx nudatus (Kohl, 1885)) are for the Ulyanovsk Province for the first time.
58 V.G. Mironov
On the fauna of moths (Lepidoptera) of Novgorod Province

61 species of moths ”Macroheterocera” from 11 families (except Geometridae and Noctuoidea s.l.) are recorded for the Novgorod Province. 16 species are new for the fauna of this province, including 2 species are new for the North-Western Russia: Zeuzera pyrina (Linnaeus, 1761) and Sabra harpagula (Esper, [1786]).
65A.G. Belik
New data on a fauna of Foresters of the Saratov Province (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae: Procridinae)

Jordanita graeca (Jordan, 1907) and Adscita albanica (Naufock, 1926) (Zygaenidae: Procridinae) are reported for the fauna of Saratov Province for the first time. New locality data for Rhagades pruni ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Jordanita subsolana (Staudinger, 1862) and Jordanita chloros (Hübner, [1813]) are also provided.
67F.S. Pudovikov
Actual Records of Parnassius apollo (Linnaeus, 1758) (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) in the Moscow Province

Parnassius apollo (Linnaeus, 1758) is found in the Moscow Province again since 44 years after its last record.

Short communications

69A.M. Ostrovsky
Pinthaeus sanguinipes (Fabricius, 1781) – a new species of predatory stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae: Asopinae) in the fauna of Belarus

70L.V. Bolshakov
The first find of scoliid wasp Megascolia maculata (Drury, 1773) (Hymenoptera: Scoliidae) in the Tula Province

71A.V. Lukin, O.I. Kulakova
The first record of Eversmannia exornata (Eversmann, 1837) (Lepidoptera: Epiplemidae) in the Komi Republic


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