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ISSUE 53 (2018)

Systematics and Zoogeography

3 A.G. Belik
On the type specimens of two species of the genus Erebia Dalman, 1816 (Lepidoptera: Satyridae) in the collection of the Zoological Institute RAS (St. Petersburg).

Summary. The type specimens of Erebia dabanensis Erschoff, 1871 and Erebia ero Bremer, 1861 are found in the collection of Zoological Institute RAS (St. Petersburg). The lectotype of Erebia ero is designated, the designation of the lectotype of Erebia dabanensis was reporterd previously [Belik, 2001]. The type localities for both taxa are specified.
6 S.K. Korb
Glaucopsyche lycormas (Butler, 1866) (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Russia.

Summary. Data on the distribution of Glaucopsyche lycormas (Butler, 1866) and its subspecies in Russia are submitted. The lectotypes of G. lycormas scylla (Staudinger, 1887) and G. lycormas lederi (Bang-Haas, 1907) are designated. The new synonymy is established: G. lycormas scylla (Oberthur, 1880) = G. lycormas tomariana (Matsumura, 1928), syn.n.

Ecology and Faunistics

8A.M. Ostrovsky
About the find of Aellopus atratus (Goeze, 1778) (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae) in the South-Eastern Belarus

Summary. Finding of Aellopus atratus (Goeze, 1778), a new for the fauna of Belarus species of ground bugs of the subfamily Rhyparochrominae (Heteroptera: Lygaeidae), are analyzed. The material was collected in September 2017 in Gomel Region. Data on distribution and ecology of the species are given.
10 A.N. Volodchenko, A.S. Sazhnev, Yu.G. Udodenko
Additions to the fauna of beetles (Coleoptera) of the state nature reserve «Voroninskiy» (Tambov Province).

Summary. This article presents an annotated list of 127 new beetle species from 41 families for state nature reserve «Voroninskiy» (Tambov Province). 17 families of them are reported for the first time for the nature reserve fauna. Four species from the Tambov Province Red list, Sinodendron cylindricum (Linnaeus, 1758), Gnorimus variabilis (Linnaeus, 1758), Aromia moschata (Linnaeus, 1758), Purpuricenus kaehleri (Linnaeus, 1767), have the first record on the territory.
16L.V. Bolshakov, I.Yu. Kostrikin, V.V. Anikin, S.G. Mazurov, V.I. Piskunov, A.L. Lvovsky
On the fauna of Lepidoptera of Lipetsk Province. Addition 5.

Summary. Additions and corrections to a list of Lepidoptera of Lipetsk Province are presented. The list is comprises of 93 species new to the province, incl. 39 new to Central Chernozem'e region, 17 (Triaxomera parasitella (Hubner, 1796), Tinea translucens Meyrick, 1917, Multicoloria vibicella (Hubner, [1813]), Ardania albicostella (Duponchel, 1842), Ardania onobrychiella (Zeller, 1849), Casignetella remizella (Baldizzone, 1983), Ecebalia motacillella (Zeller, 1849), Carpatolechia aenigma (Sattler, 1983), Helcystogramma arulensis (Rebel, 1929), Milliieria dolosalis (Heydenreich, 1851), Hellinsia chrysocomae (Ragonot, 1875), Acleris lorquiniana (Duponchel, 1935), Acleris fimbriana (Thunberg et Becklin, 1791), Cochylimorpha straminea (Haworth, 1811), Phtheochroa pulvillana Herrich-Schaffer, 1851, Furcata legatea (Haworth, 1811), Lenisa geminipuncta (Haworth, 1809)) are new to Central European Russia, Oligia versicolor (Borkhausen, 1792) are in fact new to Russia. Additionally, it comprises 52 species new to the “Galiсhya Gora” Nature Reserve, also new data for 7 species are given, incl. for Lasiocampa quercus (Linnaeus, 1758), which was previously reported dubiously. Several records are qualified as: northernmost for Pyroderces argyrogrammos (Zeller, 1847), northeneastermost for Propiromorpha rhodophana (Herrich-Schaffer, 1851), Trachonitis cristella ([Denis et Schiffermuller], 1775), southernmost for Deuterogonia pudorina (Wocke, 1857), Ancylis uncella ([Denis et Schiffermuller], 1775), Spilonota laricana (Heinemann, 1863), Anania lancealis ([Denis et Schiffermuller], 1775), Amphipoea crinanensis (Burrows, 1908), Photedes extrema (Hubner, [1809]) and Xestia sexstrigata (Haworth, 1809).
27L.V. Bolshakov, A.P. Burnasheva
Zygaenidae (Lepidoptera) – new family for the entomofauna of Yakutia

Summary. The lepidopteran family Zygaenidae with its representative Zygaena osterodensis Reiss, 1921 is firstly recorded for Yakutia.
29 E.V. Ilyina, A.N. Poltavsky
New data to distribution of hawkmoths (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in Daghestan.

Summary. The annotated list, included 26 hawkmoth species, collected in Daghestan in 1986-2016 and found in references is submitted. Dates and locations of species are specified. Assessment of reliability of specific lists is made of earlier publications. It was specified that for Hippotion celerio (Linnaeus, 1758), Hyles nicaea (de Prunner, 1798), Daphnis nerii (Linnaeus, 1758) are required padding confirmations about existence in the territory of the republic of their resident populations. Two most vulnerable specie, Hyles vespertilio (Esper, 1780) and Sphingonaepiopsis gorgoniades (Hubner, [1819]), are offered for inclusion in the Red List of Daghestan.
36A.G. Belik
New findings of the Footmen and Underwings in the fauna of Kyrgyzstan (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae, Erebidae).

Summary. For the first time for the fauna of Kyrgyzstan are reported Manulea palliatella (Scopoli, 1763), M. pygmaeola (Doubleday, 1847) (Arctiidae: Lithosiinae) and Catocala pudica Moore, 1879 (Erebidae: Catocalinae). Also provided new locality data for M. complana (Linnaeus, 1758).

Short communications

38 N.V. Borisova, E.P. Martynov, L.V. Bolshakov
New species of Odonata for the Chuvashia

39 A.S. Sazhnev, D.A. Philippov
The first record of Nacerdes melanura (Linnaeus, 1758) (Coleoptera: Oedemeridae) in Vologda Province


Book review

40N.N. Ismagilov
Book review:
Anikin V.V., Sachkov S.A., Zolotuhin V.V. “Fauna lepidopterologica Volgo-Uralensis”: from P. Pallas to present days / Proceedings of the Museum Witt Munich. 7. – Munich – Vilnius, 2017. – 696 p.


45 List of nomenclature acts published by “Eversmannia” in 2017

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