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ISSUE 47-48 (2016)

Systematics and zoogeography

3 S.K. Korb
The lectotype designations of butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) from the Museum für Naturkunde an der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

SUMMARY. Lectotypes of the following taxa are designated from the Museum für Naturkunde an der Humboldt Universität zu Berlin: Anthocharis charlonia var. transcaspica Staudinger, 1892, Baltia shawii karakuli Bang-Haas, 1937, Lycaena aedon Christoph, 1887, Lycaena argiades var. decolor Staudinger, 1886, Lycaena staudingeri Christoph, 1873.
4 V.V. Zolotuhin
To the nomenclature of the сerthia Fabricius, 1793 species group of the genus Brahmaea Walker, 1855 (Lepidoptera: Brahmaeidae)

SUMMARY. 3 lineages are considered as subgenera within the genus Brahmaea Walker, 1855 sensu stricto. They are the monotypic European Acanthobrahmaea Sauter, 1967, the nominate eastern palaearctic one with 2 species, and minor-asiatic Transbrahmaea, sgen. n., with type species B. christophi Staudinger, 1885. The nominate sub-genus joins 2 species with revised nomenclature based on type specimens, original descriptions and genetic data. The type species of the genus, the Brahmaea certhia (Fabricius, 1793) (= petiveri Butler, 1866; =porphyria Chu et Wang, 1977, syn. n.) is diagnosted by a serrate gnathos and is distributed through the most territory of China and South Korea. It is supposed that newly described as separate species the chinese taxa jilinneus Zhang, 1988, separa-ta Yang et Zhang, 1994, recta Yang et Zhang, 1994 and goniata Zhang et Yang, 1994 – are only forms of this highly polymorph species. The northern part of the range is inhabited by the species Brahmaea lunulata (Bremer et Grey, [1853] 1852), stat. rev. (= diastemata Zhang et Yang, 1993), which has been wrongly undermined until now as B. tancrei Austaut, 1896. Two subspecies are recognized. The nominate one is typical for eastern China and is al-so known from Shaanxi and Sichuan whereas B. lunulata carpenteri Butler, 1883, stat. n. (=lunulata var. tancrei Austaut, 1896, =bicolor Matsumura, 1921, =magnificentia Bryk, 1949) is known from the eastern part of Russian Foederation, Korea and North-Eastern China.

Ecology and faunistics

11A.N. Volodchenko, A.S. Sazhnev
New and little known xylophilous beetles (Coleoptera) in Saratov Province

SUMMARY. The paper presents new data on the distribution of new and little-known species of xylophilous beetles in Saratov Province. The research was conducted in 2005–2014 by using different collecting methods: manual searching, Malaise trapping, using window flight traps, attraction traps (baited with white wine), beat sampling, sweeping. The study found 89 species belonging to 31 different families, 53 species being new for Saratov Province.
19 L.V. Bolshakov, A.Yu. Matov, O.A. Polumordvinov, V.V. Anikin, V.I. Piskunov, J.A. Lovtsova, R.P. Vaskovsky
On the fauna of Lepidoptera of Penza Province. Аddition 2

SUMMARY. Additions to the list of Lepidoptera of Penza Province collected up to 2015 are given. They include 46 species, 37 of which are listed for the first time for the province, incl. Filatima spurcella (Duponchel, 1843) – for the first time for the Volga Basin, the rest of the records being various updates and corrections. Occurrence in the province is confirmed for Meganola albula ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775) and Xestia ditrapezium ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775) for which the early 20th century material could not be examined. Pennithera firmata (Нübner, 1822) is excluded from the list for the province (re-identified as Thera obeliscata (Hübner, [1787])). Several records in European Russia are qualified as: southernmost for Dioryctria sylvestrella (Ratzeburg, 1840) и Ecliptopera silaceata ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), northernmost for Evergestis limbata (Linnaeus, 1767), Chilo christophi Bleszynski, 1965 and Dicranura ulmi ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), easternmost for Therapis flavicaria ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775).
24L.V. Bolshakov, I.Yu. Kostrikin, S.G. Mazurov, V.I. Piskunov, V.V. Anikin
On the fauna of Lepidoptera of Lipetsk Province. Addition 4

SUMMARY. Additions and corrections to the list of Lepidoptera of Lipetsk Province are presented, which is comprised of 57 species new to the province, incl. 31 new to Central Chernozem'e region, 6 (Caloptilia fribergensis (Fritzsche, 1871), Perittia farinella (Thunberg, 1794), Cnaemidophorus rhododactyla ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Pempelia geminella (Eversmann, 1844), Ostrinia quadripunctalis ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Eupithecia alliaria Staudinger, 1870) are new to Central European Russia. Additionally, new data is provided for Phengaris nausithous (Bergsträsser, 1779) and Catocala electa (Vieweg, 1790), previously reported dubiously, rectifications are given for 5 species. Several records are qualified as: northenwesternmost for Chilo christophi Bleszynski, 1965, northeneastermost for Dichrorampha baixerasana Trematerra, 1991, southerneasternmost for Eurhodope cirrigerella (Zincken, 1818), southernmost for Semioscopis strigulana ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), Deuterogonia pudorina (Wocke, 1857), Dioryctria sylvestrella (Ratzeburg, 1840) and Eupithecia intricata (Zetterstedt, 1839).
31D.V. Morgun, S.V. Kovalev
Research of the Boloria thore (Hübner, [1803]) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) population in the south of Yaroslavl Province, with the notes on its distribution, ecology and systematic

SUMMARY. New population of local and poorly studied in Eastern Europe species Boloria thore (Hübner, [1803]) found in the national park “Plescheevo ozero” in the south of Yaroslavl Province is described. The peculiarities of distribution in Eastern Europe, ecology, environmental factors influencing the distribution and infraspecific systematics of the species are discussed.
35 L.V. Bolshakov, N.N. Ismagilov
Moths of Republic of Tatarstan. 1. Geometridae (Lepidoptera)

SUMMARY. Based on materials collected between 1998 – 2016 and published data, an annotated list of Geometridae of the Republic of Tatarstan is presented. It includes 263 species in total, with 34 species being recorded as new to the republic, including Cataclysme riguata (Hübner, [1813]) – as new to Middle Volga region; also 30 local or rare species are unnumbered and are known only by the published data and old collections. Original system of the Ennominae subfamily used here routinely, which took into account the results of available morphological and molecular detection. Established a new combination: Lomaspilis cararia (Hübner, 1790), comb. n., based on the high degree of similarity in the structure of the genitals and other data. Pennithera firmata (Hübner, 1822) is excluded from the fauna of Volga Basin, as the records were reidentified as Thera obeliscata (Hübner, [1787]); Thera britannica (Turner, 1925) is excluded from the fauna of the Republic of Tatarstan, as the records were reidentified as Dysstroma citrata (Linnaeus, 1760).
81A.Yu. Matov, V.G. Mironov
To the fauna of Noctuoidea (Lepidoptera) of Novgorod Province

SUMMARY. 301 species of noctuid moths from 4 families (Notodontidae, Nolidae, Erebidae and Noctuidae) are recorded for the Novgorod Province. Among them, 3 species are new for the fauna of the North-Western part of Russia: Meganola albula ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775), Eucarta virgo (Treitschke, 1835) and Athetis lepigone (Möschler, 1860). The 105 species are new for the fauna of Novgorod Province.
96N.M. Paramonov, V.E.Pilipenko
Annotated checklist of the Tipuloidea (Diptera) of the Tver’ Province

SUMMARY. The article contains an annotated list of 121 species of craneflies (Tipuloidea: Cylindrotomidae, Limoniidae, Pediciidae, Tipulidae), collected in Tver’ Province.

Short entomofaunistic messages

103K.G. Mikhailov, N.V. Borisova, I.D. Obukhov
Records of Argiope bruenichi (Scopoli, 1772) (Aranei: Araneidae) in Kirov Province

104 A.S. Sazhnev
New to the territory of Russia species of variegated mud-loving beetles (Coleoptera: Heteroceridae)

105A.G. Belik
Pseudophilotes bavius (Eversmann, 1832) in the fauna of Saratov Province (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)


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