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Supplement 7 (2018)


S.K. Korb

Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoformes) of the West Tian-Shan

SUMMARY. The fauna of butterflies of the West Tian-Shan is described, it contains 193 species. For every species the original description reference, type locality and type material, ecology, distribution in West Tian- Shan, localities in this territory are given. 3 species are recorded for West Tian-Shan for the first time. The following nomenclatural acts are proposed: lectotype designations of Eogenes alcides ahriman (Christoph, 1884),Thymelicus alaicus (Filipjev, 1931), Papilio machaon asiatica Menetries, 1855, Koramius delphius namaganus (Elwes, 1886), K. delphius namanganus (Staudinger, 1886), K. maximinus (Staudinger, 1891), Chazara heydenreichi (Lederer, 1853), upido decolor (Staudinger, 1886); neotype designation of Limenitis lepechini Erschoff, 1874; Brenthis hecate alaica (Staudinger, 1886) =B. hecate tergemina Zhdanko et Churkin, 2002, syn.n., Boloria erubescens erubescens (Staudinger, 1901) = B. erubescens tuzovi Churkin, 2002, syn.n., Melanargia parce parce Staudinger, 1882 = M. parce karatavica (Zhdanko, 2011), syn.n. A new subspecies, Arethusana arethusa mairon, ssp.n. is described from Kyrgyzstan, Kekemeren river valley, 3,6 km N of Kyzyl-Oy (Suusamyrtoo Mts.), N41 59.211' E74 09.396', 1808 m. Analysis of the Tian-Shanian butterfly fauna is proposed.



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