Supplement 6 (2015)




Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoforms) of the Inner Tian-Shan

SUMMARY. The taxonomical review of butterflies of Inner Tian-Shan presented in this paper; distribution and ecology data are also given. In total in Inner Tian-Shan 203 species of butterflies have been found at present: Hesperiidae 13, Papilionidae 15, Pieridae 27, Libytheidae 1, Nymphalidae 34, Satyridae 49, Riodinidae 2, Lycaenidae 62. The following nomenclatural act are proposed: Syrichtus antonia luqueti (Korb, 2014), comb.n.; Erebia progne arcana Churkin et Tuzov, 2000, stat.rev. (=sayak Korb, 2013, syn.n.); Erebia progne severa Churkin et Tuzov, 2000b, stat.rev.; Pyrgus malvae asiaeclara Verity, 1934=anubis Korb, 2000, syn.n.; Neolycaena tengstroemi (Erschoff, 1874) (=submontana Zhdanko, 1996, syn.n.; =vavilovi Zhdanko, 2012, syn.n.); N. t. saurica Zhdanko, 1998 (=gogulini (Zhdanko, 2013, syn.n.); N. t. confusa Churkin, 2006 (=ichkila Churkin, 2006, syn.n.); N. t. submontana Zhdanko, 1994, stat.n. (=chuilensis Zhdanko, 2013); N. t. baitenovi (Zhdanko, 2011), comb. et stat.n. (=halimodendroni Zhdanko, 2012); Neolycaena carbonaria carbonaria (Grum-Grshimaïlo, 1890) (=oschi Zhdanko, 1998, syn.n.); N. . baidula Zhdanko, 2000, stat.n.; N. . zhdankoi Churkin, 2006, stat.n.; N. . iya (Zhdanko, 2001), stat.rev.; N. sinensis pretiosa (Lang, 1884) (= olga Lukhtanov, 1999, syn.n.); Plebeius rogneda hurkini Zhdanko, 2001, stat.n. (=exterius Zhdanko, 2001, syn.n.). The following taxa lectotypes are designated: Thymelicus lineola (Ochsenheimer, 1808), Koramius infernalis (Staudinger, 1886), Colias staudingeri pamira Groum-Grshimaïlo, 1890, Erebia meta Staudinger, 1886, Chazara staudingeri (O.Bang-Haas, 1882). The new subspecies Neptis rivularis morwen Korb, ssp.n. with type locality Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek env., Arashan, 1600 m and Pyrgus sidae melko Korb, ssp.n. with type locality Kazakhstan, Transilian Alatau Mts., Bolshaya Almaatinka valley, 1900 m, are described. A distribution map of every species is figured, every species representatives are pictured; for some species which genitalia armatures havent been illustrated in previous paper about butterflies of North Tian-Shan, the male genitalia are also figured.



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