Supplement 4 (2013)



S.K. Korb
Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoformňs) of the North Tian-Shan. Part 2. Families Nymphalidae, Riodinidae, Lycaenidae.

 SUMMARY. The present paper is the second part of the monograph about butterflies (series Papilionoformňs sensu Kusnetzov et Stekolnikov, 2001) of North Tian-Shan and includes data on the families Nymphalidae, Riodinidae and Lycaenidae. For every species and subspecies the original combination, type material data, information about ecology and distribution, figures of imagos and male genitalia are given; in necessary cases the questions on systematics, nomenclature and geographic variability are clarified. For every species and part of subspecies the identification keys are submitted. The lectotypes for the following taxa are designated in this paper: Limenitis helmanni Kindermann, 1853, Argynnis niobe orientalis Alphéraky, 1881, Brenthis hecate alaica (Staudinger, 1886), Boloria generator generator (Staudinger, 1886), Boloria erubescens (Staudinger, 1901), Polygonia interposita Staudinger, 1881, Melitaea ala Staudinger, 1881, M. trivia catapelia Staudinger, 1886, M. robertsi Butler, 1880, M. athene Staudinger, 1881, M. minerva Staudinger, 1881, M. pallas Staudinger, 1886, M. asteroida uitasica Wagner, 1913, M. phoebe saturata Staudinger, 1892, M. sibina Alphéraky, 1881, M. arduinna fulminans Staudinger, 1886, M. a. evanescens Staudinger, 1886, Tomares fedtschenkoi (Erschoff, 1874), Lycaena splendens (Staudinger, 1881), Cupido buddhista (Alphéraky, 1881), Pseudophilotes vicrama cashmirensis (Moore, 1874), P. vicrama (Moore, 1865), Phengaris arion naruena (Courvoisier, 1911), Agriades pheretiades tekessana (Alphéraky, 1897), Rimisia miris (Staudinger, 1881), Eumedonia eumedon antiqua (Staudinger, 1899), E. persephatta (Alphéraky, 1881), Plebeius argivus argivus (Staudinger, 1886), P. maracandicus planorum (Alphéraky, 1881), P. aegina Grum-Grshimailo, 1891, P. agnatus (Staudinger, 1889), Rueckbeilia fergana (Staudinger, 1881). The new subspecies Lycaena dispar chonkyz, ssp.n. from Chon-Kuurchak valley in Kyrghyz Mts. and └thamanthia dimorpha saichingensis, ssp.n. from Korla vicinities are described. The following new nomenclatorial acts are proposed: Melitaea fergana cassandra Kolesnichenko et Churkin, 2001, stat.n.; Melitaea fergana terskeana Lukhtanov, 1999 = M. f. khantengri Churkin et Tuzov, 2000, syn.n.; Melitaea asteroida ludmilla Churkin, Kolesnichenko et Tuzov, 2000, stat.n.; Melitaea asteroida uitasica Wagner, 1913, stat.rev. = M. a. plyushchi Churkin, Kolesnichenko et Tuzov, 2000, syn.n.; Melitaea asteroida pletnevi Churkin, Kolesnichenko et Tuzov, 2000, stat.rev.; Melitaea asteroida filipjevi Churkin, Kolesnichenko et Tuzov, 2000, stat.rev.; Melitaea asteroida serena Churkin, Kolesnichenko et Tuzov, 2000, stat.rev., Athamanthia dimorpha eitschbergeri Lukhtanov, 1993, stat.n.; Polyommatus actinides weidenhofferi Eckweiler, 1997 = toropovi Zhdanko, 2011, nom.nud.; Plebeius argiva (Staudinger, 1886) = P. arpa Churkin et Pletnev, 2012, syn.n., = P. aleremiticus Churkin et Pletnev, 2012, syn.n.; Plebeius maracandicus planorum Alphéraky, 1881 = P. aegina Grum-Grshimailo, 1891, syn.n. It is shown that Otnjukovia Zhdanko, 1984 shall to be considered in subgeneric status. The biotopic preferences of North Tian-Shanian butterflies are figured. Exact publication dates of all species group taxa of North Tian-Shan are given.


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