Supplement 3 (2012)




S.K. Korb
Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoformеs) of the North Tian-Shan. Part 1. Families Hesperiidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Libytheidae, Satyridae.

 SUMMARY. SUMMARY. Proposed first part of the book about butterflies (series Papilionoformеs sensu Kusnetzov et Stekolnikov, 2001) of North Tian-Shan and includes data on the families Hesperiidae, Papilionidae, Pieridae and Satyridae. For the every species and subspecies the original combination, type material data, information about ecology and distribution, figures of imagos and male genitalia, maps of distribution are given; in necessary cases the questions of systematics, nomenclature and geographic variability are clarified. For every species and part of subspecies the identification keys are submitted. The lectotypes for the following taxa are designated in this paper: Syrichtus antonia (Speyer, 1879), S. staudingeri (Speyer, 1879), S. nobilis (Staudinger, 1882), S. proteus (Staudinger, 1886), Spialia geron struvei (Püngeler, 1914), S. orbifer lugens (Staudinger, 1886), S. o. hilaris (Staudinger, 1901), Papilio machaon centralis Staudinger, 1886, Pieris canidia palaearctica (Staudinger, 1886), P. ochsenheimeri Staudinger, 1886, Сolias alta Staudinger, 1886, C. tamerlana Staudinger, 1897, Euchloe daphalis (Moore, 1865), Melanargia parce Staudinger, 1882, Disommata nolckeni (Erschoff, 1874), Chortobius tullia caeca (Staudinger, 1886), Chortobius mahometanus (Alphéraky, 1881), Lyela myops (Staudinger, 1881), Erebia mopsos Staudinger, 1886, E. m. alexandra Staudinger, 1887, E. turanica jucunda Pungeler, 1903, E. kalmuka, Alphéraky, 1881, Hyponephele naubidensis (Erschoff, 1874), Karanasa puengeleri (Bang-Haas, 1910), K. regeli (Alphéraky, 1881), K. wilkinsi dublitzkyi (Bang-Haas, 1927), Chazara briseis fergana Staudinger, 1886, C. b. maracandica Staudinger, 1886, C. kaufmanni (Erschoff, 1874), C. k. obscurior (Staudinger, 1887), Pseudochazara esperi mercurius (Staudinger, 1887), Paroeneis palaearcticus (Staudinger, 1889). The neotype of Chortobius tullia tshonkurtshakus Korb, 1999 is designated. The status and systematic position of some Colias cocandica-like taxa clarified by the type material genitalia examination: C. cocandica mongola Alphéraky, 1897, stat.n.; C. c. tamerlana Staudinger, 1897, stat.n. (names mongola and tamerlana published in a difference of 2 months: mongola in June 1897, tamerlana at 27 July 1897, so if these taxa be synonymized, the name mongola have priority), C. c. ukokana Korb et Yakovlev, 2000, stat.n.; C. c. sidonia Weiss, 1968, stat.n.


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