Supplement 1 (2006)



R.V. Yakovlev
A revision of carpenter moths of the genus Holcocerus Staudinger, 1884 (s.l.)

 SUMMARY. A revision undertaken reveals that the complex Holcocerus (sensu lato) represents a group of genera to be united into the new tribe Holcocerini, tribus nova. The following new genera are described: Deserticossusgen. n., Cryptoholcocerusgen. n., Streltzoviellagen. n., Barchaniellagen. n., Plyustchiellagen. n., Franzdanieliagen. n. The external characters and genitalia are described and distribution maps provided for all species, the available data on life history and trophical connections are compiled.
 The following new species are described: Holcocerus didmanidzaesp. n., Holcocerus ryabovisp. n., Deserticossus janycharsp. n., Deserticossus curdussp. n., Deserticossus churkinisp. n., Deserticossus decoratussp. n., Deserticossus lukhtanovisp. n., Deserticossus danilevskyisp. n.
 New synonymies are stated: Holcocerus nobilis Staudinger, 1884 = H. marmoratus Austaut, 1897, syn. n., = H. difficilis A. Bang-Haas, 1906, syn. n.; Deserticossus consobrinus (Püngeler, 1898) = Holcocerus sheljuzhkoi Schawerda, 1930, syn. n.; Cryptoholcocerus mongolicus (Erschoff, 1888) = Holcocerus nigrescens Rothschild, 1912, syn. n.; Cossulus stertzi (Püngeler, 1899) = Holcocerus strigillata Rothschild, 1912, syn. n.
 New combinations are stated: Cossulus mollis (Christoph, 1887), comb. n., Cossulus strioliger (Alphéraky, 1893), comb. n., Vartiania muscula (Rothschild, 1912), comb. n., Vartiania senganensis (Daniel, 1949), comb. n., Paracossus xishuangbannaensis (Chou et Hua, 1986), comb. n., Eogystia hippophaecolus (Hua, Chou, Fang et Chen, 1990), comb. n.
 A zoogeographical analysis of the tribe is proposed.


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