About the journal

  “Eversmannia” is a Russian-language entomological scientific journal, published quarterly by regional branches of the Russian Entomological Society (RES), with an optional aid of other organisations. It comes out from 2005 onwards. In current time, when we have enough manuscripts we are planned to publish the journal twice a year as double issues.

  Printed in Russian with English summary; it is possible to publish important parts in English.

  Included into Russian Science Index System, indexed by Web of Science, Zoological Record, Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information.

  Originally published by Tula branch of RES and Tula Exotic Animal Zoo, it was handed over to Rostov-on-Don branch of RES in late 2007.

  Articles published concern insect systematics, zoogeography, ecology, faunistics and conservation in Russia and nearby territories. Criteria to be met are outlined in the rules for authors [in Russian].

  L.V. Bolshakov (Tula, Russia)

  Editorial board
  Yu.G. Arzanov (Southern Scientific Center RAS, Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
  L.V. Bolshakov (Tula, Russia)
  Budashkin Yu.I., Crimea, Feodosia, settl. Kurortnoe, Karadag Nature Reserve
  M.L. Danilevsky (Institute for Problems of Ecology and Evolution, Moscow, Russia)
  V.V. Zolotuhin (Ulyanovsk State University, Russia)
  A.V. Sviridov (Zoological Museum of the State Moscow University, Moscow, Russia)
  B.V. Stradomsky (Southern Centre of Science, Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

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